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Defense – The Basketball Dictionary – Medium

Definition: A pick-and-roll defense in which the defender guarding the screener briefly lunges at the ball…. Read more…. Dylan Murphy in The Basketball Dictionary. Jan 2, 2018.

What Do Those Basketball Terms Mean?

Defense – The team that does not have possession of the ball. Defensive stance – The position a defender assumes which allows him to most effectively guard his player. Stay on the balls of the feet with feet shoulder width apart, knees bent, back straight (like sitting in a chair), head up, hands out, and palms up.

On-the-Ball Basketball Defense - My Youth Basketball Player

Your job on basketball defense is to overplay them by adjusting your feet so you "herd" them in the direction where they have to use their weaker hand. Playing on-the-ball basketball defense is just one defensive situation you will come across in the game. You may spend a lot of time guarding a player who doesn't touch the ball much. What do you do then?

Basketball Defenses - Selecting Your Half-Court Defense(s)

Defenders two-passes away from the ball drop off their man into "helpside" defense. So away from the ball, man-to-man defense looks a lot like a zone defense, while you have a defender pressuring the ball. If your players are less athletic, consider the "pack line" defense.

47 Basketball Defense Tips (Become a Great Defender)

Whenever you’re on defense and you’re not defending the basketball or one-pass away, you should be in a ‘defensive triangle’. The defensive triangle (or ball-you-man) refers to positioning yourself between the basketball and your opponent so that you can see both with your peripheral vision.

In basketball, what is offense? How does it differ from defense?

On the other hand, defense is the opposite of offense. Defense is preventing the opponents to score in your basket. Two common methods used in basketball defense are steals and blocks. Offense would be a team’s attempt to score in anyway, whether through passing, dribbling or shooting.

Basketball Glossary and Terms | Epic Sports

Defense: The team not in possession of the ball. Defense Rebound: Rebound by the defense player. Double Dribble: The illegal act of dribbling, stopping, then dribbling again. Double Team: Two teammates move in to guard one offensive player. Down Court: Moving from the back court toward the offensive basket.

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Man-to-man defenders must learn the meaning of "on-ball" (defending the player with the ball), "deny" (preventing your man from getting the ball), and "help-side" (sagging off your man to help your team-mates prevent inside "penetration" (see Basic Defense).