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Safety Equipment A Basketball Player Needs | Summit Orthopedics

Safety Equipment A Basketball Player Needs. Shoes matter. Ankle strains, sprains, and other injuries are common in basketball. Players should choose basketball shoes with a close fit, good ankle ... Knee and elbow pads. Protective pads protect elbows and knees from bruises and abrasions if play gets ...

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Basketball is a contact sport that can result in injuries. The most common injuries are due to falls, contact, awkward landings, abrupt changes in direction and being hit by the ball. Using the right techniques and equipment for the sport can help prevent injury.

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Select basketball shoes that fit snugly, offer support, and are non-skid. Ankle supports can reduce the incidence of ankle sprains. Protective knee and elbow pads will protect you from bruises and abrasions. Use a mouth guard to protect your teeth and mouth. If you wear glasses, use safety glasses or glass guards to protect your eyes.

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Knee Injuries. Basketball requires extensive stop and go and cutting maneuvers which can put the ligaments and menisci of the knee at risk. Injury to the medial collateral ligament is most common following a blow to the outside of the knee and can be often be treated with ice, bracing and a gradual return to activity.

Preventing and Treating Basketball Injuries

For a minor overuse muscle injury, also try light stretching. Bruises. Bruises are caused by a direct blow or collision with another athlete. Treat bruises using the R.I.C.E. method. Light stretching and use of the joints above and below the injury can help prevent stiffness and pain. Jammed Fingers. It is common to jam a finger while playing basketball.

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When mouth guards are worn and fitted properly, they have been shown to reduce the rate of dental and facial injuries, such as lacerations, tooth dislocations or fractures, or facial fractures. Mouth guards range from 1$-$50 and can be bought in bulk, making them an easy item to resupply annually.

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Shin guards are worn by cricketers to protect the shins from rapid contact by the hard cricket ball. Knee pads protect damage to cartilage and the knee joint, while shoulder pads can help to support the shoulder joint to reduce risk of sprains and fractures. Thigh pads are worn in cricket to prevent ruptures or severe bruising to the thigh muscles.

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Background: Injuries to lower extremities are common in team sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, football and field hockey. Considering personal grief, disabling consequences and high costs caused by injuries to lower extremities, the importance for the prevention of these injuries is evident.

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