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Strategies 2 months ago. You can bet on a favorite in basketball for odds higher than 2.00. We will tell you when and how to catch handicaps in live. The favorite in basketball is usually bet with odds below 1.70. At a distance, you will go into negative territory due to margin and sensations. In this article, we will learn how to choose matches for betting on favorites in basketball and increase the odds due to the handicap.

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The Privileges on Betting on Quarters. The strategy is based on a simple assumption: a team, even a hopeless outsider, can win at least one-quarter of the favorite. Based on this idea, it makes sense to “catch” that very potentially winning quarter for this team. That is, the basketball quarter betting strategy is based on catch-up.

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To use the catch-up, study the formula for calculating the amount of each next bet: C = (B + P) / (K - 1), where C is the size of the bet, B is the expected profit, P is the amount of losses, K is the coefficient. For example, take the Portland Trail Blazers vs. Phoenix Suns match on March 11, 2020.

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That is, the basketball quarter betting strategy is based on catch-up. You are catching up with the quarter result you need in live basketball. This strategy has the following advantages: it is extremely rare for an outsider to lose all 4 quarters, even with a clear advantage in favor of the opponent,

Strategy of Playing on the Quarters in Basketball

This strategy allows you to make a profit of 15% of the amount of the bank. Also, the percentage may fluctuate depending on the amount of the bet and the prospect of the game. The first thing that should be noted in this strategy is the need to choose an office, where a coefficient of a quarter is higher than 4.5.

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It is unnecessary to use the overtake, as they give high quotes on the victory of the underdog in the quarter. Individual Total Basketball Strategy. According to analysts, it is good to bet on the average total of a particular team ± 4 points, depending on its form and the strength of the opponent. Betting on the Outcome With a Handicap

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Live Betting Strategy. For one reason or another, time has shown that basketball is one of the best options for in play basketball betting strategy. This has a lot to do with the speed at which a basketball match moves compared to, say, a football match. There’s a lot more to it, but this article is way too short to fully get into it.