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Ball Handling & Dribbling Skills(Primary K-2) This module introduces children to ball handling skills and movement concepts most often associated with the sport of basketball. Hand dribbling, passing, and receiving (catching) are the primary skills emphasized. However, a variety of other learning outcomes are also addressed within the module’s activities.

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This is a four-lesson basketball unit for students in Kindergarten to Grade 2. This fun-filled lesson focuses on students acquiring the main skills needed to play basketball: dribbling, shooting, and passing. This lesson breaks down each skill to easy-to-remember actions, and then students will prac...

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Grades K-2. Feed the Frogs – Great lesson to teach children about keeping eyes up with dribbling a ball with finger pads. Building Dribblers – Kids work together to build a structure while working on their basketball dribbling skills. Grades 3-5. Card Sharks Basketball Passing – Practice chest and bounce passes using a deck of cards.

Basketball Unit Goals and Objectives

Basketball Unit Goals and Objectives Kindergarten: Upon successful completion of this unit, students will be able to: 1. Accurately pass a ball to a partner using a bounce pass. 2. Catch a bounce pass from a partner 50% of the time. 3. Dribble a basketball with the fingertips maintaining basic control.

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BASKETBALL LESSON 4 K-1st GRADE EQUIPMENT • Set up grid area for every 6 1 basketball for every 2 students • Place basketball containers in Containers or basketball cart • 2-4 noodles • 5 cones per court to set up grids (24 students per court) LESSON OUTCOMES: Demonstrate a chest pass. Execute a fake chest pass.

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Basketball Unit – Lesson 5 Grade: 8 Subject: Physical Education Facility: Gymnasium Materials: Basketballs (15) Cones (4) Pennies (15) Standards: 8.1.1 Understand how to combine skills to participate in a modified version of team and/or individual sports. 8.2.2 Understand the relationship between cue words and movement skills.

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Fingerpad Basketball Dribbling: K-2: 46,549 10/27/2016 Paper and Pencil Assessment Movement Concepts Movement Concepts (Pathways, Levels, Body Shapes) with Rubric: K-2: 14,982 7/29/2016 Paper and Pencil Assessment Yoga Feelings/Reactions during a Yoga Unit: K-2: 11,777 7/20/2016 Paper and Pencil Assessment