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A red card in soccer means that a player must leave the soccer field with immediate effect. ...

Soccer Red Card Rules - Official With Examples 2021

If you deliberately commit a foul when someone has a good opportunity to score a goal, you’ll get a red card in soccer. A player might be running towards the goalie with a good goal-scoring opportunity. If you foul that player deliberately, like a push or trip, you’ll get a red card.

What Is a Red Card In Soccer

The red card is one of the most severe punishments a referee can hand out during a game. Being a man down or having to switch players mid-game can severely affect the potential of winning, not to mention affect your career as a soccer player going forth.

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What is a red card in soccer? A red card is given to a player, substitute, substituted player or team official to signify that he is being sent off from the match. This usually occurs when the player commits an offence that is worthy of being sent off. The red card system was started by referee Ken Aston.

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As a general rule, one red card results in an automatic suspension of one to three games, with the severity of the punishment dependent on the violence of the specific act.

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The football governing body, FIFA has a set of rules that define offences that will get a player a red card. When a player gets a red card it means he has committed a serious misconduct and he has to leave the field of play with immediate effect.


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Football Red Card Rule: Dismissal. The match referee can issue a red card to indicate an expulsion from the game (player dismissal). A player might receive a red card if they commit any of these serious offences. Severe or dangerous foul play (e.g. using dangerous or with excessive force).