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Interfering with the Goalkeeper – Ask A Soccer Referee

As long as the goalkeeper has hand control of the ball, including when he is in the process of releasing it (i.e., throwing or kicking the ball), no opponent can interfere with the release or challenge for the ball.


USSF answer (June 2, 2008): No player is allowed to interfere with the goalkeeper’s ability to put the ball back into general play. The referee should stop play and restart with an indirect free kick for the goalkeeper’s team from the place where the infringement occurred. (Please remember the special circumstances for restarts after infringements occurring within the goal area.)


This memorandum on the matter was issued by USSF on April 14, 2010: Subject: Interfering with the Goalkeeper’s Release of the Ball. Date: April 14, 2010. Law 12 (Fouls and Misconduct) includes the words “prevents the goalkeeper from releasing the ball from his hands” as an offense punishable by an indirect free kick.

Soccer Goalie Rules: Everything a Keeper Needs to Know

If they do decide to pick the ball up, they’re only allowed to keep it in their hands for a maximum of 6 seconds. This is to prevent time-wasting and keep the game running smoothly. If the keeper does hold on to the ball for too long, the referee may issue them a yellow card.

Soccer: Goalkeeper Goalie Ruels

When the goalkeeper has control of the ball, an opposing player may not touch it or try to kick it. If any part of the goalie is touching the ball, this is generally considered control. Penalties can be severe including a goal kick and red card for players that endanger the goalkeeper.

Soccer Goalkeeper Rules to better understand the game.

Rules of soccer state that the whole circumference of the soccer ball has to cross the goal line for the goal to count. Goalies are allowed to use ANY part of their body, including their hands. Once the Goalkeeper leaves the penalty box, he is considered another outfield player and the use of hands is prohibited.

Soccer Rules For Goalies: Conclusive Guide 2021

Goalkeeper saving a penalty kick Soccer Rules for Goalies Offenses . Holding the ball for 6 seconds; This includes when the ball is on the ground and is touched by the keeper’s hand, held in the air or held against the body with one hand.

17 Basic Rules of Soccer

Goalkeeper taking more than four steps while controlling the ball. • Goalkeeper playing the ball with his hands when the ball is kicked by a teammate. • Intentionally wasting time. (These three Goalkeeper Infringement fouls will not usually be called in young children’s games.) When the referee stops play by blowing his whistle for a minor