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Practical ways to avoid slippery grips when playing tennis ...

Find some other sources of foods that contain sodium like vegetables or chicken broth. – Get a fresh new grip or over-grip. – Use special cream that keeps hands dry (you can find them on the internet or local tennis shop). – Blow into the palms after every point you play (my favourite one).

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Racket slipping may happen due to a weak grip, an old overgrip, or sweaty hands. Players can stop the earlier by holding the racket with the appropriate strength. Replacing an old overgrip with a tacky new grip can help stop slipping. Lastly, special products are available to help players with sweaty hands.

How To Stop Your Tennis Racket From Slipping ...

You should stand with your feet close together and hold the racket in a backhand grip almost in your palm and keep your fingers and thumb relaxed. How To Stop Your Tennis Racket From Slipping? Get a fresh new grip or overgrip: Overgrips or replacement grips help to give you a better grip on your racket.

How to Stop Your Tennis Racquet Slipping

Instructions 1. Replacement grips can be used to avoid racquet slipping. You can get a grip with tacky surface and which absorbs... 2. Overwraps are also types of grip. You can also get overwraps of tawdry surface and ones which absorb moisture. 3. Wristbands are one of the most effective ways of ...

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My example is to make a fist and shake your hand back and forth – then with a relaxed wrist shake again – you can shake faster with the wrist loose. Clinton May 27, 2014 at 11:37 am. - Reply. Another factor that increases grip pressure is the size of the racquet's grip.

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If your grip is slipping as a result of sweaty hands, here are things you can try: Use an overgrip that has more traction when wet. Traditional tacky grips like Wilson Pro will get slick when wet. Tourna Grip and similar are usually the recommended choice. Wipe off your hands/grip with a towel whenever you can.

Tennis: How do I best stop the racquet slipping in my hand ...

I found that more than anything, the grip you use is most important. Many pros go with Tourna Grip; I personally found them slippery, as on a few occasions the racquet actually flew out of my hand after impact.

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There is nothing worse than needing an overgrip and not having one. The sweat permeates the grip so even if you flip over your used overgrip and re-wrap it, it won’t last for long. Be prepared! Use Wrist Bands. Wrist bands are a great way to keep your hands dry, and I use them all the time. The sweat from your arms and body stream down to your hands, which makes them very slippery.